PROVA6200 Graphic Power Quality Analyzer PROVA-6200

PROVA6200 Graphic Power Quality Analyzer PROVA-6200


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Analysis for Single Phase and Balanced 3 Phase System Graphic Power Quality Analyzer PROVA-6200 Product Features: - Analysis for Single Phase and Balanced 3 phase system - True RMS Value (V and I) - Active Power (K,KW,MW,GW) - Apparent (VA,KVA,MVA) and Reactive Power (VAR,KVAR,MVAR) - Power Factor (PF), Phase Angle( ) - Energy (WH,KWH,KVARH,PFH) - Programmable PT(1 to 3000)Ratios - Display of Overlapped Voltage and Current Waveform - Maximum Demand (MD in W,KW,MW) with programmable Period - Harmonic Analysis (V and I) to 50th Order - Display of 25 Harmonics in one screen - Optical Isolated RS-232C Interface - Smart Datalogging to save Battery - Datalogging of 32,64,128 or 256 points/cycles - Analysis of Total Harmonic Distortion (%THD-F) - Graphic Phasor Diagram - Capture 128 Transient Events (Time+Cycles+Faults) with Programmable Threshold(%),also can be reviewed in LCD - 50000 Records with Programmable Interval (1 to 6000 seconds) - Real-time Output of Waveform, Power Parameters and Harmonics at Command - Large Dot Matrix LCD Display with Backlight - Power for Long-term Monitoring - Built -in Calendar Clock for Data Logging
General Specification: Conductor Size 55mm(approx.), 64*24mm(bus bar) Battery Type Two 1.5 V SUM-3 Display 128*64 Dot Matrix Power Consumption 10 mA (approx.) Auto - Power

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Display Type Digital Only
Operating Temperature -20-40C
Max Operating Current 150A & Above
Accuracy Class Hi
Phase Three Phase
Rated Voltage 220V
DIY Supplies Electrical
Output Voltage 220V
Power Supply AC
Dimensions 35*23*12cm
Model Number PROVA6200
Protection Level IP65
Type Distribution Box
Place of Origin Taiwan

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